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As most of you are all aware there has been a recent influx of several Bullies into rescue and many have needed Vet care. Unfortunately, this has greatly
depleted our Rescue Fund and we are in desperate need of funds to continue to help Mari-Lou with the rescue and re-homing of these wonderful animals.
We are currently trying to put together Fund Raising Events to raise money for the Club and Rescue and would greatly appreciate anything you are able
to do by either participating in the event or very generously donating money if you arenąt able to be there. Rescue is a very important part of your
Club and the reality is that most Bullies surrendered to rescue are in need of some sort of medical attention and that requires funds. This is an
ongoing issue. Unfortunately, the fund raising events are local to the central Ontario area mainly due to the fact that that is where the Executive
is and we are typically the ones organizing the events. I realize that this makes it impossible for some more distant members to actively
participate so I would like to encourage you to take the time to arrange a fund raiser in your area. Perhaps there are other Bully people close to you
that would also like to participate.
The only way to help is either by participation or donation. Please choose one to help Bullies in need.

Please help the BTCC by making a donation today!


Currently Available for Adoption - Fall 2016

Pearl is a beautiful senior who was saved just hours before being euthanized by a shelter in New York City. A US Rescue and a wonderful friend in Vermont ensured that Pearl received the vet care she desperately needed, and then transported her to us. She needed a mammary tumor removed, and that operation was very successful. Pearl is doing great now! Pearl does have an old injury to her shoulder which needs to be watched, since she aggravates it when she gets too excited and bounces up and down. She is on medication for that and we have to keep reminding her that she’s not 2 years old. Pearl is crate-trained, house-broken (if she’s not left alone too long) and a real sweetie. Pearl would like to be the only dog so she can relax in her retirement years and to keep that shoulder pain-free. This old girl does not like cats!
If you think you can give Pearl a nice, quiet and relaxing retirement home, please fill out the online application at www.just4keeps.ca

Frieda is approximately 7 years old and came to us from the Montreal SPCA. She was surrendered because of some skin and allergy issues, but we have had allergy tests done so we know what she is allergic to. We have managed to remove all medications and she is doing very well, she just requires a weekly bath to remove air borne particles from her skin and coat. Frieda likes to sunbath and go for walks and is very good on a leash…she will even carry the leash for you! Frieda would also like to be the only dog, with a nice fenced-in yard so she can play with her favourite rope toy. Frieda is crate-trained and completely house-trained.
If you think you can give Frieda a loving home, please fill out the online application at www.just4keeps.ca


Recent Rescue Success Stories - 2015

Many thanks to Mari-Lou Powell (BTCC Rescue Co-ordinator) for these submissions and for her hard work and dedication to the breed!


Roxy arrived in November 2014 with her Mom, Jackie from Vermont. These two were brought to the vet to be euthanized as the owner did not want them anymore. Thankfully the vet refused and contacted one of J4K’s friends there and we started the ball rolling for them to become Canadian citizens.

As older gals they were a little more difficult to adopt. Jackie is now 13 and still here, but Roxy found a home just in time for Christmas 2015.


Here's Kush and he has a new home!!

Kush came in as an "Owner Surrender" on Feb. 22, 2014.
He spent quite awhile in foster care waiting for the perfect home and as always it came along in 2015.
After suddenly losing their beloved Newman, the family needed another handsome guy to help them through the shock of losing him and Kush was their man.  As you can see he has settled in nicely and is being spoiled and loved like they all should be.  A huge thank you to the Gray's for being very special Bully parents! 



Meet China

On June 28, 2014 I went to pick up an "elderly" lady named China. Unfortunately the owner who had China from a puppy was going through a rough time so contacted us to find her another home.  China is 11 years old and will be celebrating her 12th Birthday on Dec. 22/2014  After some badly needed dental work (and thanks to all who donated to get that done) I was sure China would be staying with me due to her age but a  wonderful woman had other plans....China attended the BTCC Rescue Parade and spent the day with a woman who would soon be her forever Mom. We had one hurdle to get over and that was the Frenchie who already existed in the home.  On August 15, 2014 China and I drove to Fenwick to meet Ava (The Frenchie) and things were a bit iffy in the beginning as Ava had been attacked previously by a Mini Bull Terrier but China's temperament soon won Ava over and she knew there was nothing to worry about.  So "The Girls" are living it up and enjoying life to the fullest. 


Meet Cookie formerly know as Christmas


Cookie formerly known as Christmas was one of the 22 Bull Terriers surrendered in December 2013.  This beautiful tri colour was a bouncy, happy bully that just wanted to play all the time. She needed to learn a few things first like how to go up and down stairs which she quickly did. She loved the other dogs and I had a family that had been waiting a long time to add another bully to their home, one that would be the perfect fit and I thought of her immediately. 

When they came to meet Cookie of course they fell in love instantly and wanted to pursue the adoption process.  On April 16, 2014 we drove to Newmarket to meet her new "brother" Boca. (who is also a very handsome rescue dog that I previously fostered)
I wasn't the least bit concerned if Cookie would like Boca or not but due to an unfortunate incident with Boca and a previous bull terrier that was placed there the family took the introductions very slow to ensure it's success.  Well I am pleased to report that Cookie is doing wonderful and her brother Boca loves her.  Thank you to Cookie's new wonderful family for taking it slow and their patience and understanding of both dogs needs. 

Meet Rosie

Rosie was one of the original 22 surrendered to the OSPCA last December and was adopted from there but things weren't going so well so she was surrendered to us on September 25/14. After a vet check up and some badly needed dental work, Rosie is a healthy, happy little bully in her new home with Steve and Tina, oh and a Habs fan too! lol

Meet Snoopy

Snoopy arrived Sept.20/14 from Montreal SPCA after having been returned to them twice for his rambunctious behaviour (nothing out of the ordinary for people who know the breed) and was suspected deaf. After fostering him and having him checked by our Vet we strongly suspect he is deaf in one ear only. After a perfect score in the blood work department he met his new parents and brother Ollie (A Bernese Mountain Dog) and is now happily entertaining everyone in his new home.

Huey - Now with a new owner!

Huey arrived Feb.7/2014 from Toronto Animal Services as a shy but oh so handsome young man. He wasn't a big bull terrier but he was in very good shape.  He immediately adapted to my home and after knocking me down in the backyard one night I found he was a very polite dog. Instead of thinking that I was playing (like most of them do) he came and gave me a little lick while I was still on the ground wondering if I had broken anything. lol   We did have a little scare with Huey as he sort of "passed out" one time after eating some grass.  So off to the vet we went to have everything checked out before we would even consider adopting him out. All checked out and Huey had the medical clearance to find his new forever home.  He did just that on August 1, 2014 to a wonderful man who understands Huey's needs and the fact he does not like to socialize with other dogs. So the two "guys" are happily living and walking together every day and the best part is Huey comes back to me for "pet sitting" if his owner needs to travel. 


Meet Zoe


On October 28, 2011 I received an email from a man who had just lost his 14 year old Bull Terrier named Oliver and he was inquiring about a rescue. On November 15, 2011 I received another email from a small shelter in Quebec who had found a female Bull Terrier tied up outside their door on October 23. As I was just ready to leave for Nova Scotia in 2 days I contacted this wonderful man and asked if he could foster this little girl (not knowing how close he was to this shelter or anything) and if things didn't work out we would arrange to have her come back to me once I was back from NS. This trip could not be cancelled as I was going to pick up my Frankie puppy and a few others that were to be delivered. For two weeks we corresponded via email on the now named Zoe and her progress. Well 2 years later she is still there and thanks to Tommy and his wife Donna for opening their hearts and their home to beautiful Zoe she is a very well adjusted and loved bull terrier. She even attends racing events with them. Thank you Tommy and Donna for all your hard work and determination with this sweet gorgeous girl! Some things are "just meant to be" 


Meet Popeye

Popeye and his new buddy, Lucy!

Popeye came in as an Owner Surrender in September 2013 at the age of 11. He celebrated his 12th Birthday on November 28, 2013 with me and after a clean bill of health went to his new wonderful forever home on December 24, 2013. He is living a very happy and comfy life with his new sister Lucy and 2 cats. Popeye was never allowed on furniture and was confined to the laundry room but has now taken to jumping on the couch and beds like his sister. I'm so happy she is teaching him the things he was missing out on.


Meet Lily

Lily and her big brother, Max!


Lily came to me as an Owner Surrender at less then 1 year old. This fun loving energetic girl was a joy to foster. After having her nail fixed and enduring one "season" she finally went to her new forever home in December of 2012. She is now living the bull terrier dream with her big brother Max and her incredibly wonderful and patient humans.
Lily and Max have their own Facebook page and their antics can be followed by clicking on this link:


Meet Newman


In Jan 2011 I was contacted by Toronto Animal Services about a severely neglected bull terrier found as a stray, soon to be called "New Man" . I picked him up immediately and we drove straight to the vet. This beautiful tri colour bull terrier was emaciated and had a severe skin problem and was just in terrible shape overall. We had some work to do with this guy. Through all this there was a sweet loving dog who still trusted women, not so much men, and treatment started immediately. Newman continued to improve and even appeared on Animal House Calls with Dog Trainer, Jill Priest and already had an angel waiting to adopt him. With the assistance of SOAR and the BTCC with numerous vet visits, he was ready for his new loving home in March 2011. Newman is living in "the lap of luxury" and is an extremely handsome boy. His new Mom and Dad have provided him with the best care and guidance any dog could ask for and ensure he receives the best of everything always.

Newman has his own Facebook page which tracks his whole life from January 2011 till now and can be found on this link.

Meet Pixie


Pixie formerly known as Peggy is a 3 year old who came to us from a Montreal rescue in October 2012.
Pixie is a beautiful black brindle girl with a sweet temperment who reminded me of my Ricky's mom. She had a a very large skin tag unlike any I've seen before and was not spayed. So after 3 attempts to have all this taken care of, 1st time the vet injured his foot, second time Pixie thought she'd throw up as soon as I dropped her off and the 3rd was a success so she was ready to go. She was adopted into a lovely home in February 2013 and continues to do wonderful. Her new mom reports "couldn't imagine life without her".

Meet Jordy and Clementine

Jordy and Clementine

Jordy and Baby

Clementine and Oscar

This pair arrived in July 2012 from the Montreal SPCA. Accompanied by Mike, we set off to Kingston to meet these two.
Jordy, formerly known as George would be coming to my house for fostering and the pretty tri colour girl who we hadn't named yet was already offered a foster spot by a BTCC member who had a very handsome white bull terrier. We met Trish at the Go Station and dropped her off and Jordy came home with me.

In August of 2012 and the assistance of Brandon Steen of The Dog Squad, Jordy met and loved his new cute little red bull terrier sister, Baby. Jordy is now living a wonderful life with Baby and his two new humans who adore him!

Well basically she's never left her foster home. Clementine has severe trust and fear issues and unfortunately wouldn't have been adoptable anywhere else other then her foster home with her handsome brother Oscar who she does adore. I have the priviledge of looking after her when her parents need to go away and she's a darling. She even came to recover here after her spay. I can't thank her parents enough for the patience and understanding they have had with this gorgeous girl.

Meet Jerry and Luna (Elaine)


Luna (Elaine)

Luna and Rain

Luna and her new buddy's Rain and Irish

This rescue story is bitter sweet. In September of 2011 in the Province of Quebec was one of the biggest puppy mill raids recorded in Canada. Over 520 dogs were seized and taken to a secret location of the Humane Society International. The dogs were held until December due to the investigation at which time we were contacted about the 2 bull terriers. On December 11, 2011 my co-pilot Ruby and I set off for a 7 hour drive to go and get soon to be called "Jerry and Elaine".
They both had just the day before been spayed and neutered as they would not release them unless that had been taken care of. These two when they saw me had a lot to say...and I'm pretty sure they were saying "what took you so long to get here".

Unfortunately Jerry had severe complications with his neuter surgery and after spending a week at my vet he quietly passed away December 23, 2011. He is with me now and always.

Luna formerly known as Elaine was a shy girl but oh so sweet. She was adopted to a wonderful home in March 2012 and now is learning to be a real dog with the help of her Bull Terrier sister Rain and a really handsome guy named Irish. Luna has come along way and even attended our Rescue Parade last July and did a great job! Her mom says she continues to improve every day and no longer "lives in the couch" and even initiates play with the others.


Meet Betty

Betty as a pup



In August 2011 I was contacted by an owner of 2 Bull Terriers regarding an "unplanned" litter of puppies and he needed help in placing one last female. I had a family already waiting for a young female so I set out to Niagara Falls to pick her up.
Her name would be Betty and it was the shortest "foster" ever. Not even 24 hours and she was off to live her dream life with
her new wonderful parents. Betty has completed an Obedience Course and is out and about all over the city.

Meet Daisy

Daisy formerly known as Macie


Daisy back when she was Macie


Daisy formerly known as Macie
Daisy came in as an Owner Surrender in September of 2012. She is a fun loving girl who just loves playing ball.
She did have some trust issues with strangers and other dogs but after spending some time here and around my dogs learning that not all is bad she was adopted to a great family in June 2013 who understood her needs and were willing to take the time that was needed for her to become a great dog.

This is Cheeka


Cheeka and Tucker


Cheeka came from Quebec as an "owner surrender" who was stated as liking some dogs but not all, especially the small ones.
With the help from one of my Facebook friends Monique LaJeunesse from the US who spotted this girl on Kijiji and contacted the owner to remove immediately Monique drove from her home in Vermont to Montreal and then to Kingston where Caper (my co-pilot) and I met them to bring her to Toronto.
Cheeka was a delight to foster and soon her angel would arrive. After working with Cheeka for 3 months she is now "officially adopted" to a wonderful family and is playing with all sizes of dogs and having a great time!

Meet Agnes (Booty)


Agnes and her boys, Fionny and Declan!


Agnes formerly known as Booty, Boo was one of the 22 Bull Terriers surrendered to the OSPCA who was
stated as being "a little aggressive". Brandon Steen of The Dog Squad http://www.the-dog-squad.com/
offered his home to foster this cute little "red head" and to work with her and inside of one month was there to stay.
On "Family Day" 2014 Brandon and his wife Jane announced that Agnes was there to stay.
Agnes won the jackpot and now lives with two wonderful boys Fionny and Declan.





If you are looking to adopt or looking to re home a Bull Terrier, fill out the appropriate form and email/mail it in to the address on the forms.
For more information regarding BT Rescue please contact Mari-Lou Powell

Download and fill out this form if you are interested in adopting a Bull Terrier: 

Looking for a Bull Terrier


Download and fill out this form if you need to re home your Bull Terrier:

Re home our Bull Terrier

Download the BTCC Surrender Contract

Adobe .PDF reader required


Latest Rescue News

Alice, Huey and Kush are available for adoption

BTCC documents available:

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2) We need to re home our Bull Terrier

3) Dog Surrender Contract


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