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The Bull Terrier Club Of Canada
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The Bull Terrier Club of Canada

There were many reasons for the development of the Bull Terrier Club during the early part of the century. The main reason was the need to progress the breed as a whole, rather than as a group of individuals each going their own way. As club member’s we compare pedigrees and agree to exchange services and help each other in any way possible. One might say that we are pooling our resources with the hope of producing the perfect Bull Terrier.

In Canada today, the national club, the Bull Terrier Club of Canada, maintains a very active membership. Since the late 1960’s Canadian breeders have attended and won many Specialty shows in the United States. Canadian’s have bred some of the top dogs at the Bull Terrier Club of America’s specialty show, “Silverwood,” and continue to play a major role in the ongoing development of the breed.

The Bull Terrier Club of Canada (BTCC) sponsors both Specialty events for the serious Bull Terrier breeder and owner as well as numerous events for the pet owner, such as the annual Club Picnic. Each year club members get together on a sunny June day and enjoy each other’s company, a fun match, a fancy dress contest, and a best trick contest. Not to be forgotten is the infamous “Bully-Olympics,” where bullies are put to a physical workout of jumping through hoops, catching balls, and other grueling fun. The top three winners are presented with prizes and all participants receive a participation certificate. The Club also offers a puppy referral service for club members and sponsors educational seminars whenever possible. The BTCC newsletter, “Bulls-eye,” is published three times a year and sent to all members. New members are always welcome and are encouraged to get involved.

For more information send email to info@thebullterrierclub.ca

If you wish to become a member of the BTCC download the Membership Application and mail into the address indicated in the .PDF file

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