The Bull Terrier Club of Canada was founded in 1969, originally as a regional club, and was called The Bull Terrier Club of Ontario. In 1971, with the approval of the Canadian Kennel Club, we became the national Bull Terrier club and the club’s name was changed to the Bull Terrier Club of Canada. The original founders and executive of the club were Hilda Anderson, Bob Cole, Gail Gordon, Mel Gordon, Roy McGann, Halina Molyneux, Joan Davidson and our first Club President was Paul Wettlaufer.

There were many reasons for the development of a national Bull Terrier Club. The main reason was the need to progress the breed as a whole; rather than as a group of individuals each going their own way. We are dedicated to the love of Bull Terriers, with a commitment to the ongoing improvement in the health and well-being of the breed. We are committed to inform, educate and promote responsible ownership and responsible breeding practices undertaken for the preservation of breed characteristics while producing healthy well-socialized dogs. We pledge to protect and enhance the interests of the Bull Terrier as well as our members.

In Canada today, the Bull Terrier Club of Canada maintains a very active membership. Since the late 1960’s Canadian breeders have attended and won many dog shows, both All-breed and Specialty shows in Canada, the United States and abroad. Canadian Bull Terrier breeders have bred some of the top dogs at the Bull Terrier Club of America’s Trophy show, “Silverwood,” and continue to play a major role in the ongoing development of the breed. Canada has hosted this very prestigious Silverwood Trophy competition three times since its inception in 1970. Silverwood 1976 was held in Barrie, Ontario and consequently was won by a Canadian dog, CH Magor the Marquis, ROM. Silverwood 1986 was hosted by the BTCC Alberta division in Calgary, and was won by a Canadian bitch, CH Rambunctious Sea Spray, ROM, and Silverwood 1995 was hosted by the BTCC BC division in Vancouver.

Annually, the Bull Terrier Club of Canada holds its own Trophy show, “The Canadian Shield Trophy Show”, and both a Regional Specialty Show and a National Specialty Show for the serious Bull Terrier breeder and owner. In addition, we host numerous events for the Bull Terrier pet owner, such as the annual Club Picnic and Fun Day. Each year club members get together on a sunny June day and enjoy each other’s company, a fancy-dress contest, and a best trick contest. Not to be forgotten is the infamous “Bully-Olympics,” where bullies are put to a physical workout of jumping through hoops, catching balls, and other fun. The Club sponsors educational seminars whenever possible. We hope you find our website both informative and useful!